Get Help: Debt Advice

Step Forward Money Advice is part of Trent Compassion. It is a free and friendly confidential debt and budgeting advice service.

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We can offer...


Confidential advice


Budgeting help


A safe space


Repayment assistance


Money Management Course

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No matter how big or small your debt or financial worry is, whatever your background or circumstances, we are here to help.

If you would like to chat to our friendly team, please fill in the form and they will get back to you

Tell us how we can help you.
Heather Morris


Contact us

📨  [email protected]

☎️  0115 988 7069

📱  07595 112212

What happens next...


We will get in touch with you and book an appointment. This is a confidential meeting with two of our advisors, for about two hours.


At the first meeting with you, we will gather information to help us decide the best way to help.


We will meet again and work with you to discuss the options with you and help you to put plans in place.

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What we do...


We’ll meet with you and help you to work out a realistic budget that prioritises essential bills. We can help by contacting the people you owe money to.


We will negotiate and agree a way for you to start to repay your debts. We will ask for interest and other charges to be stopped.


We have access to insolvency specialists, who can offer a range of insolvency services, in appropriate circumstances.

Meet the team

Chris Colton


Debt Advisor

Heather Morris


Centre Manager

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‘Your professionalism and kindness is outstanding, I would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone.’



‘I trusted them from the outset and was touched by their care and compassion.’


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‘I wish to express my thanks to all at Step Forward Money Management for their support and practical advice.’